We aim to make your working life easier, here at CNS. So we focus on providing solutions so that your staff can connect, and collaborate through an effective and efficient, secure process. Our remote desktop services can help you accomplish anything you need, through a virtual computer (a completely separate machine). This means that you can have digital access to your desktop at work, and any programmes you need, while you’re away from the office.

This type of professional touch can help your business develop and thrive in a very competitive market. It allows all users access to the software you have, without needing to download it individually. But it’s not just time you can save.

One of the main benefits of our hosted desktop service is that your company can save a significant amount of money.

Hosted desktop services can provide access to all of your company’s desktop infrastructure, without this being downloaded to many individual machines, for each of your employees. This means that if you are renovating or upgrading your IT systems, using remote access services is the best possible option. You’ll only have to install the necessary software and security on one server machine, rather than every PC in the network.

Remote access services are also a safe and secure option. There are a range of controls that can be set by the administrator, to restrict access to files and areas of the network. This means that you can control exactly what each individual employee has access to.

In addition, if you have a new user that requires access to a software application to start work, this can be authorized quickly and easily, without needing to install and configure the software on a new machine. This again saves time and money.

Here at CNS, we have highly powered servers, with the capability of ensuring high performance, even with large numbers of users logged in at once.

We know that poor connectivity and performance issues can have a negative effect on productivity and morale, as well as your profits. That’s why we make sure you will have access to highly efficient and high performing servers, that are easily scalable, so that they can grow alongside your company.

Why not get in touch today to discuss remote desktop services and what you could expect should you want to get started on your own custom hosted desktop solution?

Here at CNS, we have extensive experience and expertise in the industry, and we’ll help to create an individualized plan, based on the specific needs of your company. We work with a range of top brands, in a variety of industry sectors. So why not give us a call today?

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