Preventing ransomware attacks on your business

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Here at Creative Network Solutions, we are Manchester’s leading IT support and network services experts. From secure remote access services to business VoIP, we are the team you can count on. And this is our guide to everything you should know about preventing ransomware attacks on your business.

What are the most effective methods for preventing ransomware attacks on your business?

There are a number of things your company or business can do to prevent ransomware attacks from destroying your company data, or holding it hostage in return for payment. These include:

  • Using strong and reputable anti-virus protection- Not all anti-virus software is suitable for companies and businesses, even SMBs. You need to ensure that your have the right protection for your business, and that this has protection from ransomware attacks. These are installed on your endpoint devices, and block any malware from infecting your systems. Effective anti-virus software will also give admins the ability to see when devices have been compromised, and ensure that security updates have been installed. However, anti-virus software is never 100% effective, as cyber criminals are constantly producing new pieces of malware to target businesses and get around any security tools. This is why keeping up to date with security updates is also important.
  • Strong email security- Ransomware and malware are often delivered through email, and this is why strong email security is an essential tool. This type of security can prevent ransomware from even reaching your inbox, by filtering email communications with URL defences and attachment sandboxing. This has been developed to identify threats and block them. These threats can also include phishing scams, and these phishing scams often hide ransomware too. But with Post-Delivery Protection technologies using machine learning and AI algorithms to detect phishing attacks, your company can stay safe and secure.
  • Staff training- employees are the number one weak link in cyber security. It is human error that can allow cyber criminals to access your data, whether that is through providing information to a phishing scam, or following a link on an email. This is why staff training needs to be comprehensive and thorough. This should focus on:
    • Awareness and understanding- make your staff aware of the different cyber crime strategies and the risks of these for the company, and the data.
    • Identification- help your staff learn how to identify cyber crime threats, using real life examples of phishing emails and scenarios.
    • Resolution- have a policy in place for reporting any suspicious activity or emails, and help your staff know what to do in these situations. Also ensure that your staff know that they can reduce the risk by keeping devices up to date with security updates.

Minimizing ransomware risks

While preventing ransomware is the only way to keep your business safe, it can be a good idea to take precautions should your security be breached. You can minimize the long term risks associated with these attacks by ensuring that all company data is backed up securely. Keeping your data backed up in multiple locations means that even if the cyber criminals do access it, you can mitigate the losses or damage to any data using your last backup point. Data should be stored in your main storage area, on local disks, and in a cloud continuity service for full protection.

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