Businesses need instant access to data, now more than ever before. And this constant connectivity and access means that security solutions are a necessity. After all, there is nothing that can jeopardise your business like a security breach. From a minor inconvenience, to a full blown business shut down, a security breach can have a range of consequences. And it pays to be protected. This is where CNS can help you out.

As a business, you need be vigilant about unauthorized access or misuse of files, whether that’s from someone within your organisation, or an external entity. As well as the personal details of customers, clients and suppliers, you may be storing a range of sensitive data, and it is your duty to protect this. Not just for your employers, but for everyone else who has trusted you with their data too.

Here at CNS we look after all your security needs, so you can run your business with peace of mind. But we’ll also talk you through everything we do, and even offer staff training to help your company properly safeguard files and data. This includes minimising the opportunity for hacks, leaks, or other security issues. We’ll fully explain all of our methods, and explain why we’re doing what we’re doing, so you can benefit for the future. 

Here at CNS, we can find the perfect network security solution to meet the individual requirements of your business, whatever they are, and whatever your budget.

Before we begin, we’ll thoroughly assess your current practices and system setups as part of a full security assessment. This will help us find any areas of weakness, or any areas that need additional attention. We will put together a full list of trusted, vetted vendors so that we can find the tools you need to create a complete infrastructure solution.

Our IT experts can provide expert advice on a range of network security measures, including simple authorisation such as usernames and passwords, to more complex encryption software, and security options for your business.

Here at CNS we will also watch over your network to make sure it’s running like it should, and to rectify any issues as quickly as possible. We can find custom data solutions that will be perfect for your company’s requirements. And we don’t dress everything up in tech lingo either.

We also help maximise and manage your cloud security.

We’re focused on helping you stay connected, and secure, so that your process can be streamlined, and individually tailored to your requirements. the cloud is a useful and helpful part of any company, but it does come with inherent risks. Here at CNS we will educate you about these risks, and provide the perfect software solution to keep your business efficient and secure.

Why not get in touch with one of our experts today, to get more information or advice about our full network services, including a valuable security assessment? Here at CNS, we’ll be more than happy to help.

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