Malicious PDF threats for businesses

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PDFs are often used by businesses to share information and content between employees as well as by partner companies and sub contractors. These are often shared in email attachments as well being placed on websites for people to download more information and content. From simple how to lists, to detailed technical specifications, PDFs are used almost universally across various industries and sectors. Unfortunately, hackers and cyber criminals have been able to take advantage of this, creating malicious PDF links that can be very dangerous for businesses. So what are the most common malicious PDF threats for businesses? And how can your business stay safe?

What are the different malicious PDF threats for businesses?

A malicious PDF file can cause a range of problems for any business, including:

  • Carrying viruses and malware- when the PDF link is downloaded onto your company or business network, the virus or malware this was carrying can also gain access to the network where this may spread and infect devices across your company. This can be used for all manner of attacks, including ransomware and trojans.
  • Executing malicious code- PDFs contain JavaScript and this means that malicious code can be hidden in the code for the PDF itself, leaving no visible trace for your employees or staff to identify. This code can infiltrate your company network, stealing passwords and data for possible future attacks, just causing damage immediately.

How can your business prevent PDF attacks and stay safe?

There are a number of different options for preventing PDF attacks on your business and staying safe. These include:

  • Implementing advanced email security
  • Using endpoint protection
  • Identifying new threats

Implementing advanced email security to limit the threat of malicious PDFs

Many PDFs are probably sent across your company, both internally and to external service providers or clients, on a regular basis. And this is all implemented across company email. As a result, making sure that your email security is up to standard is a crucial step for preventing malicious PDF attacks. The advanced security will be able to examine files, senders, domains and URLs to look for malicious activity and prevent this from becoming a problem.

Using endpoint protection to reduce the threat of malicious PDFs

Endpoint protection should be used by your company to monitor the behavior of a system constantly. This can scout and identify any malicious behavior and the right technology will be able to stop threats before they execute. This can even provide information about where the threat came from, and can take immediate steps to resolve the issue, such as using the rollback function to mitigate and resolve any damage.

Identifying new threats associated with PDFs

New threats are always emerging in cyber security, and those placed in PDFs are no exception. Installing the right software that can keep on top of new threats and developments and identify these as they emerge is crucial for keeping your company safe and protected.

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