Keeping mobile business devices safe

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Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are crucial for many businesses, especially SMBs. But these will need to be kept safe, to protect your company from cyber crime. So what do businesses need to know about keeping mobile business devices safe? Well, here at Creative Network Solutions, we are Manchester’s leading IT support and network services experts. From secure remote access services to business VoIP, we are the team you can count on. And this is our guide to everything you should know about mobile device security.

Top tips for keeping mobile business devices safe

For businesses of any size, keeping mobile work devices like smartphones and tablets safe is an important consideration. And to do this businesses should take these simple steps:

  • Use password protection- A complex, unique password or pin can help to protect any work devices from both physical or remote attacks. This is because any system changes will require authentication. No personal or confidential data should be stored on the device itself, but work documents, and apps that are used for work can also be set to be password protected on some devices. This can further ensure company security. In addition, you should consider using fingerprint recognition which is a common feature of most modern devices. However, this will need to be set up, and switched on, as it is not always active straight “out of the box.”
  • Protect lost/stolen devices- If a device used for company work, or owned by company goes missing, you need to be able to protect this, and the information stored on it. You will need to:
    • track the location of a device
    • remotely lock access to the device (to prevent anyone else using it)
    • remotely erase the data stored on the device
    • retrieve a backup of data stored on the device
  • Keep the device updated- Updates for mobile devices and tablets are essential. This is because most of them are critical security patches or updates. Do you remember the NHS security breach in 2017? Although this was based on computers for the most part, the breach was able to take place because the software and operating system was out of date. So whether it’s Android, Windows or IOS, make sure that your work devices receive regular updates.
  • Keep apps updated- much like the device itself, the individual apps themselves will also have to be updated on a regular basis. Again, the updates for apps often update the security of the app, and prevent your device, and potentially your company network, being breached through an in app security flaw.
  • Prevent connection to unknown WiFi hotspots or public WiFi- ensuring that your staff and colleagues are sure to never connect work devices to unknown hotspots or public WiFi is a good way to prevent cyber crime. It will be important to cover this as part of your staff training. These WiFi connections are often unsafe, with other people able to access:
    • what you’re working on whilst connected
    • your private login details that many apps and web services maintain whilst you’re logged on

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