Our passion, here at CNS, is providing custom IT solutions for businesses across Manchester and the North West. And unlike other companies out there, we don’t disguise our work underneath technical jargon or industry waffle that can be hard to keep up with. Instead, we make sure that everyone is on the same page, so we can collaborate effectively and efficiently.

So when we use acronyms such as IaaS, we always explain what we mean! So what is IaaS, and what could it do or your business?

IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service. Essentially, this is a type of cloud computing that can provide virtual resources over the internet.

So, how does this work? Well, the private or public cloud providers (in this case us here at CNS) hosts all of this infrastructure on behalf of the users. And this can include software, hardware, servers, and more! This means that companies and businesses simply have the option of paying for what they use, instead of investing in expensive in-house hardware and software. This is a versatile and scalable option for businesses across a range of industry sectors. For example, you have ability to upscale your provision, in line with your growth. So if you need additional servers to get you through a busy season, or time of the year, you can start using the cloud, instead of needing to buy expensive equipment for a temporary measure.

Here at CNS, we can take care of the maintenance, backup, security and anything else related to your IaaS cloud computing solution.

We will make sure that your day to day operations are running smoothly, and we will resolve any issues or problems quickly and easily, with as little inconvenience as possible. In case of disaster, using an IaaS cloud service is also an incredibly valuable way to store, backup and safeguard your data, so that it’s not all in one place.

A public cloud is different to a private cloud, as the environment will be shared with various other clients. This is a useful and convenient option for companies that do not have to adhere to stringent and strict security measures. But for those with sensitive data, a private cloud is a must. A public cloud can provide a host of benefits for your company, including flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness. We also ensure that you’re protected with great security measures to give you peace of mind when moving your data to our virtual cloud servers. 

If you’re looking for public cloud providers then CNS is the smart choice.

While the technology might be innovative and complex, we aim to make things as uncomplicated and simple as possible for all of our clients. So if your current provider isn’t doing enough to help revolutionise your business, then it might be time to switch to one who is dedicated to creating a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. Here at CNS, we are passionate about all things IT related and we’re sure you’ll be impressed when you see what we can do. Whether you want to call, email,or meet us in person, contact us to get started!


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