Futureproofing your company network from malicious attacks

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Here at Creative Network Solutions, we are Manchester’s leading network solution specialists. From designing and optimizing specific information technology strategies, to hosting cloud server storage solutions and top of the line security, we are the team you can count on, for all your networking needs. As such, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about futureproofing your company network from malicious attacks.

What are the effective options for futureproofing your company network from malicious attacks?

With cyber criminals finding new ways to penetrate secure systems, and developing new tools to guide malware into your company network, its essential for all businesses to take preventative measures. and these should also be forward thinking. To keep your company and business network safe and secure in the long term, and protected from malicious attacks, there are a number of things you should consider. These include:

  • Using network segmentation
  • Making sure backups are in place and secure
  • Disabling administrative access wherever possible

Using network segmentation to futureproof your company network

Segmenting the network so that there is both physical and logical separation between the IT domains and the operational technology processes and controls can help to protect your company from a large number of cyber attacks. This means having separate IP protocols and ports that could bridge the divide between the two domains. This can provide clear indication of a potential attack, as it is likely that a failed login attempt will be highlighted, where a cyber criminal has tried to reuse the existing log in information for one area of the network, to gain access to another, and move around your infrastructure. Identifying this type of behaviour can help to find the source of any malicious activity and reduce the risk to your company, limiting access,and therefore potential damage, to only one area of the network.

Making sure backups are in place and secure to protect your company network in the long run

Secure backups, not just of your data and important information, but also of system state backups, domain controllers and critical assets. These need to be available and protected against unauthorized access or modification. Software that helps to identify malicious behaviour can also be useful here, identifying potential threats such as unauthorized users accessing backup media, or even shadow copies being deleted. The latter is a common step taken by cyber criminals immediately preceding a ransomware attack.

Disabling administration access when possible can help to protect your company network long term

Finally, by disabling administration access where this is possible, your company can remain protected against future attacks, as well as current malware. This is because without administration access, many types of malware or cyber criminal activity will not be able to access the files and data that you want to keep safe. There are further steps you can take including using registry key modifications, and tracking, locking and stopping certain service accounts, while also using software to detect and prevent potential abuses of other privileged accounts.

To help keep your business safe and secure, in the long run, as well as the short term, why not get in touch with the professionals today, here at Creative Network Solutions Manchester?