Peace of mind is valuable for all of companies and businesses we work with. And as such, it’s important that your company is protected from online disaster or attacks. Cloud backup is one of the solutions we can offer here at CNS, and this provides a simple yet effective method of keeping your data safe. And, should the worse case scenario happen, any damage your company suffers will be minimised, and we can quickly and easily rectify the situation. Here at CNS, your peace of mind, and your data security, is our number one priority.

Advances and innovations in technology have made some parts of daily life easier for businesses, such as 24/7 connectivity. But from time to time, technology can and does fail. And preparation is key.

Every business has the choice to prepare for this eventuality, or not. But whether its an employee accident, a system crash, cyber crime or even a natural disaster, technology, and your data, can be damaged and destroyed. Creating offsite backup is a simple and essential step to take, to ensure ongoing security.

After all, no matter how diligently you backup your files, if these are all stored in the same physical space, you are running the risk of losing everything. But with our cloud backup services, you can send off your files electronically to the cloud, to keep these safe and very much secure. So whether you’ve lost only one file, or your hardware itself is damaged, you’ll be able to restore or access your data from another device.

Our customer satisfaction is important to us here at CNS. That’s why we focus on making things as simple and straightforward as possible, so that we can build a strong relationship that will be mutually beneficial.

We’ll make sure we install the best possible cloud backup solution for your individual company, and we’ll do so within budget, but without compromising on performance. So whether you want a basic solution, backing up smaller amounts of data with limited device access, or you’d like an extensive solution, we can provide exactly what you’re looking for.

Concerned about storing sensitive data in the cloud?

Being concerned about your data is essential in the current climate. But our private cloud service, that will store your backups, are made incredibly secure and are protected from any unauthorized use. We can provide dedicated solutions and a professional team to monitor and maintain your virtual servers, so that you can rest assured, your data is safe. With effective encryption software, your data will be inaccessible to hackers or cyber criminals.

We’ll monitor your backups frequently, to make sure that everything is in order, and working as it should. And if you do need to restore your data, you can do so conveniently, and without any hassle. Our cloud backup software is some of the best in the industry, here at CNS.

If you like the sound of our invaluable offsite backup services, why not get in touch with the team here at CNS today? And if there’s anything you’re unsure of we’ll be happy to discuss this.

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