Upgrade your phone system without any hassle.

Here at CNS, we can help you save a lot of money by getting rid of your old phone system quickly and easily, and replacing this with VOIP solutions.

With VOIP, there are no more phone line rentals (PSTN and/or ISDN) and in the majority of cases, the cost of your calls will be free, or at the very least, significantly less than before.

In addition, you could consider getting rid of the physical handset as well. Instead, you can simply use a soft-phone on your computer. This means you can make office calls whenever you need to, wherever you are. Just go online.

VOIP solutions also offer a range of traditional phone services too, including voicemail, and call manager options. Staff members can be added and changed quickly and easily, saving you time and money.

“What if my internet goes down?”

Working with a professional network provider means that your services should never go down. But if it does, your VOIP calls can be diverted to mobile until the problem is fixed.

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