Benefits of hosted VoIP systems

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Here at Creative Network Solutions, we are Manchester’s leading IT support and network services experts. From secure remote access services to business VoIP, we are the team you can count on. And this is our guide to everything you should know about the benefits of hosted VoIP systems.

What are the benefits of hosted VoIP systems?

A hosted VoIP system is a VoIP option that connects your business to the telephone network through the cloud. This is different to onsite VoIP systems, as well as standard telephone systems, and hosted VoIP systems can bring a range of benefits and advantages. These include:

  • Saving money
  • Working flexibility
  • Easy scaling
  • No-on site equipment

Saving money with hosted VoIP systems

One of the biggest advantages of hosted VoIP systems for companies and businesses of all sizes is the reduced costs. Establishing a more traditional telephone network can be costly in terms of equipment, time to install and expensive billing. In contrast, hosted VoIP systems offer:

  • Quicker and easier installation and setup
  • Flexible billing options including pay as you go bills, fair cost add-ons, and low to zero call costs
  • Ability to scale up without drastically increasing costs

Hosted VoIP systems provide working flexibility

Because hosted VoIP systems require no physical equipment, they offer the most flexibility. This means that your company can own phone numbers from around the world, without complex registration and set up processes. It also means that staff can use their own devices, with the appropriate safety and security systems in place, to join conferencing and calls from wherever they are, at any time.

Easy scaling with hosted VoIP systems

For many businesses, growth and expansion is a key aim. But this can be costly if you are relying on physical technology upgrades and hardware. It can also become very awkward in terms of space, and ongoing costs and billing. But with hosted VoIP systems, you can scale up or down as and when required. For businesses that may have seasonal booms and then quieter periods, a hosted VoIP system can work around this and provide a straight forward solution that will help reduce costs.

No-on site equipment necessary for hosted VoIP systems

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of installing a hosted VoIP system is that there is no need to purchase expensive equipment as everything is hosted online over the cloud. This itself brings a range of advantages, including:

  • Saving space- equipment can take up a lot of space in any business environment, but with hosted VoIP systems you will not need as much equipment at all.
  • No update or replacement costs- electrical equipment can break or be damaged over time and this can be expensive and time consuming to replace or repair. Also, hardware often needs updating to be useful with newer systems. Again this can be expensive and time consuming. All of this can be avoided with a hosted VoIP system.

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