Advantages of cloud software services for businesses

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As Manchester’s leading network and security professionals, here at Creative Network Solutions, we offer a variety of IT services for SMBs. From desktop and server management, to wireless network management and security, we provide a range of IT solutions to help make it easier to run your company. All while keeping your company safe from cyber crime and data losses. That’s why we also provide cloud services. But what are these? And what are the benefits of cloud services for businesses?

What are cloud services for businesses?

Cloud services are also known as SaaS, or Software as a Services. What this means is that instead of purchasing the software outright, you can pay a monthly cost to use the software online. Cloud services for businesses can include a number of different things, including:

  • Cloud email- this is a cloud based email service that means that you don’t need to pay for servers or hosting, you can simply let a much larger company handle that for you, for just a small fee. This also allows room for expansions and growth, as your company grows too.
  • Cloud data storage- cloud storage provides a safe space to backup data that is fully protected. This means that if anything happens to your network or hardware, you can still access all your information and data, preventing company downtime.
  • Cloud software- many companies are familiar with cloud software. This includes things like Google Docs, and Microsoft Azure.

What are the advantages of cloud software services for businesses?

There are a number of advantages and benefits to choosing cloud software software services for your business. These include:

  • Saving money- for many businesses saving money and reducing costs is a key aim. Using cloud software can dramatically reduce the cost of your software, as you only pay a monthly cost or an annual licence for your whole team to be able to use the software, rather than the traditional licensing agreement.
  • Saving time- because the cloud services are all online, you wont need to worry about installation and set up times for a lot of these cloud services. Instead, they are simply accessed and available immediately through the web. This means you wont need to find time when everyone is out of the office to install software on all of the different computers and laptops, saving costs on labour too.
  • Working collaboratively– workplace efficiency can be improved by cloud software services. This is because multiple people can collaborate on the same document together, making changes directly where needed, cutting out the need for lengthy email discussions, or face to face meetings. Instead, the work can be completed in a shorter amount of time, with all parties working together.
  • Working from anywhere- a lot of cloud software services can be accessed from anywhere, without the need for access to your network. This means that your staff and colleagues can finish off a task while commuting, or work from home, without lacking the tools and software they need to get the job done.

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