Here at CNS we develop Information Technology (IT) strategies designed to meet a variety of business objectives, by working collaboratively with our customers, to understand their needs.

Our abilities include systems creation, design and optimization as well as development and implementation. With our level of expertise, knowledge and experience, we can help your company improve on existing systems or even develop new ones.
From Accounting Information Systems and Internet Strategic planning, to Disaster Protection recovery and Security Analysis, we can develop and implement a range of services and solutions, tailored to meet the specific requirements of your company. For any installation we know that effective communication, consultation and training are just as essential as the high quality service that we provide. That’s why we make sure we understand your specific requirements before we implement any strategy or solution.

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Reliable IT support across Manchester for SMBs.

We take care of your IT needs, so you can focus on growing your business

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Eliminate the hassle and cost to manage your own equipment.

Reap the benefits of an enterprise-class data centre, for a fraction of the cost, with our fully secure Cloud computing services here at CNS.

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IT security is more critical now, than ever before

Here at CNS, we can provide corporate level Cloud Security, integrated with our PROACTIVE Network Monitoring solution, to ensure that your business has comprehensive security, managed by us.


Constantly purchasing upgrades or replacements?

Our solution, Technology as a Service, or ‘TaaS’ can be a better option. This will provide all the technology you need, for just one fixed monthly fee.

We are the extra set of hands that manage all your IT needs.

We curate our services and technologies for each individual customer, here at CNS, while providing personalised support services. This means we can provide our customers with access to a range of services, including those typically only available to Enterprises.

3 reasons to choose Creative Networks

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We understand your business problem and we’ll ensure you get the best solution.

Effective IT systems can help create a productive workplace culture. Technology and IT systems are now more important than ever before for any business. Your employees need to be able to communicate and collaborate online, to improve productivity and efficiency, and Cloud access needs to be available for this to occur at any time, from any device. But this also needs to be fully secure, around the clock. We can provide all this, and more, here at CNS.

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We use the latest and emerging technologies to help your staff get on with the business of your business.

Save time and cut human error by automating processes like manual data entry and transactional work. This can help you save money too, while ensuring accurate information, as you will have lower running costs, and your employees time can be better utilized.

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Our experts will build you a streamlined, automated process that will more accurately draw data from multiple sources.

Here at CNS, we can connect different pieces of software, like Word and Excel, so that they can communicate with each other. We can also integrate different products to simplify data flow, remove errors and avoid duplicated data.

With our services you wont need to slog through monthly reports or stocktakes compiled by a full team of people, and your timesheets and invoices will also be collated for you too.

We can make sure you have access to profit and loss statements, outstanding invoices and bills, all at your fingertips. This means you can make informed business decisions, with information at the touch of a button.

What our Clients Think

“We’re really pleased with the services we receive from Creative Network Solutions. They always respond to our queries instantly, and their simple, clear, and hands-on support really makes their service first class – both in software and hardware.”

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What our Clients Think

“We moved over to Creative Network solutions in 2019 after being with our current provider for over 20 years!!!

 The move has been straightforward and stress free the service from the team has been excellent both during the move over and during the day to day operations of our business. They always deal with any queries or IT issues promptly and professionally as well as in a friendly manner.

 We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend” –  LR Finance Wigan

What our Clients Think

‘So far we have been delighted with Creative Networks in supporting our journey through the technology maze that we have been faced with. They have ironed out a lot of problems and set us up with a server. We know that we have more problems to solve but feel confident that we will get the help and support we need.’

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