• Providing reliable computer support across the north west for SMBs.

    We help you grow your business and eliminate the worries of IT
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  • Eliminate the hassle and cost to manage your own equipment.

    With Cns Cloud computing services you can get the benefits of a secure, enterprise-class data centre for a fraction of the cost of an on-premise solution.
    CNS Cloud Services

  • IT security has never been as important as it is today.

    CNS offers corporate level Cloud Security which integrates with our PROACTIVE Network Monitoring solution, providing your business with all-round security which is completely managed by us.
    CNS Secure Managed Security

  • Constantly purchasing upgrades or replacements to old hardware?

    At CNS, we have a better solution. We call this Technology as a Service, or 'TaaS', which provides you with all the technology and support your company needs for one fixed monthly fee.
    CNS TaaS

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About Creative Network Solutions

At CNS we work hand in hand with our customers to define focused Information Technology (IT) strategies that translate into viable and sustainable solution to meet business objectives. Our capabilities span systems creation, design and optimization as well as development and implementation.

We bring specialized knowledge and experience to help you improve existing business information systems or to develop new ones. We develop and implement services and solutions ranging from Accounting Information Systems and Internet Strategic planning to Disaster Protection recovery and Security Analysis. From our experience we know that consultation, service and training are the most important parts of any installation. That is why it is our primary objective to understand your business needs before implementation.

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